The All-in-One Platform
for Busy Coaches Ready to Rise.

“Satori has been a game changer for me. Like 10 pounds off my shoulders. It takes care of my clients, and it opens up my brain space so that I can do my best work. It's a pretty perfect tool for coaches.”
Kim Argetsinger, Mindset Coach and Business Mentor

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Satori Helps You…

Free up your brain space

Reclaim your time and energy to focus on what you love; automate your calendar, simplify your process, and deliver a professional client experience with ease.

Grow your coaching business

Deliver signature coaching packages to individuals and groups, streamline client enrolment and build predictable revenue steams with recurring billing.

Coach clients to success

Keep track of clients, and keep clients on track with discovery questionnaires, session agenda reminders, and a private client login-in area.

See how Satori is helping thousands of coaches to…

Attract, convert, and enrol
new coaching clients.

Satori makes it easy to start or grow your coaching practice online.
Here's how…

Build your coaching program

Bundle multiple sessions into a single package. Leverage packages in your marketing. Deliver a smooth and professional enrollment experience. Automate tracking and follow-up.

Create a branded client experience

Brand your landing pages, emails and client login area to build trust and recognition with every interaction.

Preview your offer

See everything your client sees during the sign-up process and feel confident you’re delivering a smooth and professional enrolment experience.

Share your offer

Invite bookings from your website, blog, newsletter, email signature or anywhere else you can post messages online. Adding links and buttons is as easy as copy-and-paste.

Take online bookings and payments

Use dedicated offer landing pages to lift conversions and communicate value more effectively—or create private offers to share with selected clients and groups.

Capture email opt-ins

Connect Satori to your AWeber or MailChimp account to send auto-responses, drip campaigns, or email newsletters to your Satori contacts. Add clients to your list when they sign up for selected offers. Nurture leads, keep in touch, and win more repeat business.

Send pre-session questionnaires

Create custom questionnaires to support your coaching. Discover motivations, set agendas, and check in with accountabilities. Show up prepared and deliver more effective coaching in every session.

Collect client reviews and testimonials

Invite clients to give a review at just the right time. Collect testimonials, build social proof, and win more clients.

Keep your finger on the pulse

The Satori dashboard gives you clear, actionable feedback you can use to improve sales performance, track financial accounts and fix revenue problems before they happen. Stop leaving money on the table and start moving the needle on your business.

Satori dashboard revenue chart

Deliver stellar client experiences with ease.

With silky-smooth client on-boarding and automated follow-up, Satori helps you show up like a pro from the start so your clients always feel taken care of.

Client profile screenshot
Agreement progress summary screenshot

Holistic client management

Satori integrates all aspects of coaching client management into one beautifully streamlined package so staying on track is simple and easy.

  • Build client profiles and track communication.
  • Personalise coaching programs and agreements.
  • On-board clients quickly and smoothly.
  • Track appointment schedules and remaining sessions.
  • Track billing history and scheduled payments.
  • Deliver questionnaires and capture session notes.
  • Impress clients with a smooth, professional experience.

Quit losing time and sanity with multiple apps and scattershot management. Satori gives you one place for all your client info so staying organised is easy.

Streamlined client on-boarding

Intelligent agreements

Create custom agreement documents (or paste in your existing docs complete with formatting). Use dynamic merge fields to automatically tailor agreements to specific offers or clients without manual edits.

Personalised proposals

Every client is unique. Satori makes it easy to tailor coaching packages to individual clients and email personalised agreement proposals in just a few clicks. Make a stronger call-to-action with that personal touch.

Timely questionnaires

Create custom questionnaires to support your coaching. Satori emails your client before each session, capturing responses to their profile. Discover motivations, set agendas, and check in with accountabilities. Show up prepared and deliver more effective coaching, in every session.

Outstanding client care

Communication log

Satori automates follow-up, and keeps track of client communication. Booking confirmations, session reminders, questionnaires, invoices and other notifications are logged to your client’s profile so you can see exactly what your clients have received and when.

Secure client login

Satori empowers your clients to self-manage through the secure client login area. Clients can manage schedules, review agreements, access billing history and update their profiles. It’s SSL encrypted and password protected to keep your clients safe.

Group sessions

Satori groups help you manage coaching schedules for multiple members and keep everyone in the loop. Run workshops, classes or coaching groups and reach a wider audience of potential clients.

Put scheduling on autopilot.

Designed from the ground up specifically for coaches, Satori’s simple and robust scheduling tools give you everything you need to streamline your practice and put bookings on autopilot quickly and easily.

Session calendar screenshot
Calendar list screenshot

Multi-session packages

Built-in support for coaching agreements means scheduling a series of sessions is fast and convenient. Tracking your client’s progress through your agreement is easy and the flexible scheduling intervals make light work of scheduling multiple sessions for month-to-month or fixed-length coaching programs.

Advanced availability management

Enough with the email tennis. Just let Satori know when you're available and we'll do the rest. Satori's powerful availability tools give you unparalleled flexibility and control. Create one-off or repeating availability schedules, segment your availability for multiple locations, clients or activities, and program changes to your availability in advance.

Calendar integration + schedule automation

Google calendar syncing

Satori integrates seamlessly with your Google Calendar account to keep your availability current and eliminate double bookings. We’ll even alert you if you schedule conflicting events elsewhere.

Automatic timezone conversion

Whether your clients are across town or across an ocean, Satori takes the hassle out of appointment setting. We auto-detect client timezones and do the math so you don’t have to.

Appointment reminders

Satori emails reminders to your clients before every session so staying organised is easy for everyone. We'll even follow up with clients when it’s time to schedule their next session so you never lose momentum.

Seamless calendar integration

Satori integrates with iCal, Outlook, BusyCal, Google Calendar and more. On your desktop or on the go your calendar is available when you need it, where you need it.

Layered calendar UI

Satori’s unique, layered calendar UI gives you the complete picture of your schedule. See your sessions, availability and other calendar events in a single, integrated view. And manage your schedule by drag-and-drop.

Scheduling controls

Your time is valuable. Satori treats it that way. With scheduling controls, you can set your minimum notice requirements and appointment buffer time to avoid last minute bookings, rescheduling and back-to-back appointments.

Session booking calendar screenshot

Grow your revenue with integrated payments.

With automated invoicing, reporting and online payments, Satori is the fastest and easiest way to turn your coaching practice into a coaching business.

Agreement billing history screenshot
Agreement billing schedules screenshot

Custom billing schedules

Design single payment, monthly or custom billing schedules to suit your practice and your client.

  • Offer payment plans to make your services more affordable.
  • Sell multi-month coaching programs.
  • Build more predictable, consistent income streams.
  • Save time and worry with automatic invoicing and payments.
  • Customise your billing cycles to suit your business and your program.
  • Offer discounts to incentivise advance payment.

Billing options to suit your practice

Automatic invoicing

Satori automatically invoices to your clients based on the agreed schedule, and provides the flexibility to update or extend schedules when you need to.

Automatic recurring payments

With recurring billing agreements, your clients sign up once and future payments are executed automatically—More convenient for clients and more reliable for you.

Offline payments

If you receive payments by cash, cheque, or bank wire, you can record those payments in Satori so your client accounts are all in one place.

Handy tools to manage your cash flow

Income report

See your net and gross monthly income at a glance. We’ll even figure the tax for you.

Client account statements

Track billing histories and total client value, or schedule future invoices with just a couple of clicks.

Cash flow projection

Satori gives clarity to your cash flow. See how much income you can expect, when it's due and who's up to date; so you're never left with an unexpected shortfall.

Tax management

Customise tax settings for your region to automatically add GST, VAT or Sales Tax to your invoices, or disable taxes on a per-client basis.

Support for your currency

Satori supports billing in USD, CAD, AUD, NZD, EUR, GBP, CHF, DKK, NOK, SEK and MXN. Need another currency? Let us know.

Payment integrations

Satori integrates with PayPal and Stripe for one-time and subscription billing. No set-up fees or expensive merchant facilities required.

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