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Satori customers share their stories…

Satori has been a game changer for me. Now I have time to create my days.


Kim Argetsinger

Kim is a mindset coach and business mentor who helps heart-centered entrepreneurs to build and grow profitable businesses they’re wildly in love with.

Before Satori…

Before Satori I did this by hand. Talk about what isn’t a productive use of your time! Scheduling people back and forth with emails, separate tools for scheduling and payment… I used to send out an email before every client call with my coaching questions. It was super janky!

Not only was it costing me so much time, back and forth; but I had to have like 45 reminders in my calendar to make sure I sent this thing out to clients. That was stressful!

After Satori…

Satori has been a game changer for me. It's like 10 pounds of my shoulders. It takes care of my clients and frees up my brainspace so I can do my best work.

It’s also something I don’t have to hire out. I also have someone who supports me on the backend; and now, I can give her other stuff to do.

Now I have the time to take care of myself and create my days. Not having to worry about scheduling is life changing. I don't use the word 'perfect' lightly, but it's a pretty perfect tool for coaches.


Satori was the major step to creating a scalable coaching business.

Chris Sparks

Chris is a peak performance coach who helps startup founders and entrepreneurs create laser focus and win their mental game.

Before Satori…

Before Satori, I felt like a duck: on the surface everything was together, but below the surface I was a complete mess. There I was talking to entrepreneurs about getting their processes and systems down; but below the surface the back-end was a complete mess. I would constantly forget things that I’d committed to. I needed better systems to shaw up my operations and automate wherever possible.

After Satori…

I was looking for an all-in-one CRM/scheduling tool for quite a while but nothing felt like a good fit. They were either too light—they just did one thing—or they were way to heavy and complicated. I just don’t need all this stuff.

My business manager looked at all the coaching CRMs and decided Satori was the best fit. That was the major step for me making my coaching a repeatable business.

There are things I don't want to think about in my business. I want to focus on what I love to do.


Jamie Gonzalez

Jamie is a coach and mentor for people who want to learn to live a life free of need, attachment and fear.

Jamie's Journey

Jamie walked away from a successful business to make profound changes to his life. Mentoring others grew naturally from his transformative journey. Jamie found Satori early in his coaching journey, which allowed him to grow his practice while staying focused on what he loves to do.

Jamie says…

I started getting clients here and there, I was speaking. That’s where Satori came in. I found Satori online. It was amazing. It just allowed me to do my things without thinking about it. I could just tell people ‘here’s a link, go sign up’. The big thing in my life at that time was ensuring things were simple.

There are things I don't want to be thinking about in my business. I want to focus on what I love to do—mentoring, speaking, facilitation of groups. Having the rest of it care of is huge for me. Satori gives me that. It gives me space to continue doing what I love.

To invest in something like that is well worth it.


Number one, you're devoted to coaches. That's huge. That tells me you get what we're doing.

Kirstin Hoteling Zona

Kirstin is a certified Master Life Coach who works primarily with women who are committed to making a difference in this world.

Kirstin says…

I love Satori and I recommend it to all my coach training clients.

Number one, you're devoted to coaches. That's huge. That tells me you get what we're doing, you think it's really important, when I reach out for help you have a nuanced perspective on your support team…

Early on there were a couple of glitches, and you guys really showed up and owned it. You showed me you have integrity, earnestness, readiness and commitment on your end that made me trust you.

I love the way you help me track revenue, do payments, scheduling, contract building, collecting feedback… There's a lot you pack in to a very organised, distilled platform.

It's really convenient integrating all the things my client needs to sign-up into one link.


Cara Rice

Cara is a business coach and certified trainer of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and Mental and Emotional Release (EMR).

Cara says…

I love the simplicity of the dashboard; Being able to log in each day and not only see my client sessions, but also seeing my income position. I love the payment plans. It's a nice, wholistic way of looking at your business.

I always recommend Satori to my clients. I find it's really convenient being about to integrate all the things my client needs to sign-up in one link. You don't need to send a separate link to the calendar a separate link to the contract, a separate link to payment. On a discovery call, I can just drop the link in the Zoom chat.